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CH. Karnchang Public Company Limited is one of Thailand s leading general contractors and basic infrastructure developer. It has more than 40 years of successful experiences in construction businesses of large-scale infrastructures, building complex and general civil works. The Company has high capability and potential in the execution of work. It earned some prestige since it was established in 1972. Besides construction businesses, since 1987, the Company has been investing in the government's concession projects in order to expand its operation and generate long-term steady income.


To be the leader in construction business and the pre-eminent and comprehensive basic infrastructure developer in the region.
2014-03-28 - Propagation of Invitation Letter of the 2014 Annual Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders  
  since March 28, 2014 onwards
2014-03-24 - Exercise of Option to Subscribe for Purchase of Capital Increase Shares in CMS (Subsidiary)  
  increase its registered capital from Baht 30 Million to Baht 100 Million
2014-03-18 - Declaration of Progress of Loans with Interest for the years ended  
  Rayong Real Estate Company Limited, Private Inter Construction Company Limited and Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited
Roads, Expressways      
Water Supply & Harbours   
Mass Rapid Transit System    
Ground Improvement Methods - Grouting
Balanced cantilever bridges
Tunneling in Soft Clay by Cut and Cover & Shield Tunneling Method
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