Risk Management Policy

In respect of risk management, the Board of Directors follows up and acknowledges the Company’s risk management plan from management’s report on operational results in every the Board of Directors’ meeting and from the Report of the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee. In this regard, the Company determines and assesses its business risks by establishing the efficient risk preventive measures and risk management systems for the entire organization.
  1. (1) The Board of Directors, all executives, staff and units own the risks and have the duties to be responsible for, assess, follow up, and support the risk management process with efficiency.
  2. (2) All units of the Company shall have a risk management process, as well as having a systematic and continuous assessment and follow-up, subject to regular review at least once a year in line with business changes.
  3. (3) The risk assessment shall form an integral part of the annual work plan of all units, by considering all risks of the entire organization, taking into account such risk factors, both inside and outside the organization, including proper risk management.
  4. (4) The Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee has the duties to assess the risk management and propose its opinion to the Board of Directors.
  5. (5) The organization culture will focus on common understanding and awareness of risks. The body of knowledge shall be established for staff at all levels to have access for study and research and sharing of experiences, which would pave the way for development and improvement of the risk management process to become an efficient mechanism in the strategic administration.
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